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This page has information about getting and using the new SF Reporter software tool for Strengthening Families co-ordinators.

Measuring collective impact

SF Reporter helps us all to work better for New Zealand families. It captures evidence to show the collective impact of the Strengthening Families process. Use it to complete your regular reporting requirements easily and on-line using any internet-connected computer.

Reports are based round the key Results-Based Accountability questions-

  • How much did we do?
  • How well did we do it?
  • Is anyone better off?


SF Reporter supports our key focus: making life better for families. It has tools to record what they hope to achieve; who is helping them; their progress, outcomes and feedback.

Co-ordinators record enquiries and referrals, meetings, attendees and outcomes in a secure database. Families are surveyed to record their feedback on the process, and agencies are surveyed to assess successful collaboration. A final case report that identifies the outcomes is produced.

Co-ordinators have a full suite of tools to assist with reporting:

  • Enquiries
  • Referrals
  • Meetings
  • Surveys
  • Reports.


The Reporter is protected by a password and a time-out function. Information is transmitted to the Ministry of Social Development’s secure servers via a secure HTTPS protocol. It is encrypted for transmission and secure from ‘hacker’ threats.

No one other than the person entering the data can view clients’ personal information. Reports only show numbers and summarise data.

Using SF Reporter

SF Reporter is a tool to help you as a Strengthening Families Co-ordinator. It records your work, contacts, resolution and closing of referrals. It allows you to collate a report for your manager, Local Management Group, and Regional Governance Group.

The Reporter runs on a website, so there’s no software to download, and nothing to set up. It can be used on all types of computers. Ease of use, portability and robust security were development priorities.

SF Reporter Handbook

SF Reporter software, training, manuals and support is provided to Strengthening Families Co-ordinators.
All you need is a Windows computer and internet access.

The complete handbook for SF Reporter users is available to download here, or request a print copy from your Senior Programme Advisor.


Read through this list of support options to identify the best contact to help resolve your issue:

General support

1. Self-help: Please try to resolve the issue by reading through your manual

2. Peer support: Contact your MSD regional administrator or the person who looks after the SF Reporter regionally

3. Advisor support: Please contact Noel Doney, Senior Programme Advisor, MSD national office
a. to have a user added/removed.
b. to have an agency added/removed in the Agencies drop-down boxes.
c. if you believe a report is inaccurate.
d. to request a Case Delete. This is only available if there is a significant mistake or multiple entry of the same case*
e. to request Special Access (e.g. if a team member requires access to cases)*

*Authorisation by a Strengthening Families Co-ordinator’s manager will be required.

Direct dial 04 978 4283

Helpdesk support

Please attempt to resolve issues yourself using the general support options before calling our Helpdesk.

If SF Reporter requires urgent repair, the Ministry of Social Development IT Help Desk is available to help you
 Monday to Friday 7:30am - 5.00pm
 Phone 0800 777 333

IT Help will ask you these questions

  • What Region you work in
  • What your User ID is
  • What function you are performing (e.g. Strengthening Families Co-ordinator)
  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Details.

Get in touch for more information and advice:

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For co-ordinators only:

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