Strengthening Families helps you get the best support for your family/ whānau to thrive.

All the people and agencies who could help your family are brought together. Together you discuss your family’s needs and agree on what everyone is going to do.

Eleven New Zealand government agencies are actively involved with Strengthening Families along with hundreds of community-based services.

How it works

"Getting all the support agencies together got some doors opening, and everyone who had been at the meetings did what they said they were going to do. It was amazing what was achieved in just four meetings."

Is Strengthening Families for my family/whānau?

If you are getting help or require assistance with a child or young person’s education, health or behaviour, to sort money troubles or find a suitable home or other issues, Strengthening Families could be for you.

Strengthening Families is available for any whānau/ family in New Zealand when more than one community support organisation or government service is or could be required. It is free and 100% voluntary.

Get started by contacting a local coordinator or asking a question.

Get started

Has someone asked you for help?

You can link families you’re working with or know into Strengthening Families. Find all the information you need to find out about how Strengthening Families is run.

Information for agencies