Example meeting notes

This example set of actions shows how agencies and family/whānau members work together.

This sample meeting is based a family/ whänau who were working multiple agencies on issues of child health, care and protection, and education were addressed. It is a composite list based on actions drawn from real life meetings.

At the meeting it was decided that the:

Public Health Nurse would

  • liaise with Dr J to set up a referral to a pediatrician for assessment
  • organise "M46" form to set up counselling referral for mother and father
  • liaise with Dr P on the disability allowance for telephone
  • discuss with Specialist Education Services (SES) early intervention team the possibility of referral for younger children
  • discuss with Dr P the possibility of referral for needs assessment.

Social service organisation would

  • engage family support worker to assist with parenting skills and family dynamics
  • arrange future use of access centre if required.

School principal would

  • allow mother to use school phone and act as a message centre until she gets phone on
  • liaise with truancy officer
  • refer child 1 to SES. The child's suicidal comments to be included in any assessment and follow up
  • set up a school mentor for child 1
  • make mother very welcome at school to strengthen bond between home and school.

Work and Income would

  • meet with parents to review benefit entitlements
  • explore possibilities regarding a disability allowance
  • set up budgeting advice
  • keep in touch with Strengthening Families meeting members
  • meet with parents to discuss benefit changes.

Child, Youth and Family would

  • contact Mr. F at the PD centre regarding the mother's situation and need to stabilise before completing sentence
  • meet with father to discuss benefit changes. Social worker will convey to the need to him to let the family get on without interference/ pressure.

Mother would

  • meet GP as arranged by public health nurse to complete forms for counselling for children and herself
  • make appointment to arrange family day care
  • ring Work and Income 0800 number to set up appointment with Work and Income to review benefit entitlements
  • walk the children to school each day in the new term
  • sit down with the school principal on day one of next term to write letter for her to prevent the father seeing children at school
  • meet with Oranga Tamariki social worker and father to discuss benefit changes.

Grandmother would

  • take family (especially child 1) to GP this week
  • continue to offer practical help and support.


27 August 9:30 A.M. at school

Lead Agent:

School principal will be the lead agent through to the review date as such she will:

  • ensure that everyone is kept up to date with progress/developments - act as the communications hub.
  • convene review meeting at agreed date or sooner if there is a serious breakdown in plans.

All the participants agree to be pro-active in letting the lead agent know of developments/ progress.

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